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Larry & Beth Crenshaw


Beth and I are both former college athletes.  She played Softball at Connors State College.  I played football for 2 years at Missouri Southern University and ran track for 2 years at the University of Oklahoma...Boomer!!  I graduated with a degree in Health & Exercise Science, and am still a certified personal trainer and strength coach.  Beth is currently a nurse.  We live and breathe health, fitness, and sports!!  My father has been a coach in OK for over 30 years, so I am a born and raised coaches kid!!  We love all of our customers, but have a special affinity and passion for helping schools!


phone: 918.851.5638

Twitter handle: @GC_Image


John Metcalf

Territory Manager for AL, GA, and MS

John is a retired coach.  He coached football for 40 years, baseball for 20, and golf for 5. He taught in both public (32 years) and private (9 years) sectors.  He also served as Athletic Director for 3 schools during his tenure.  He enjoys visiting with coaches and helping them design branding products that will recognize and motivate their athletes. He shares from his own experience to make the process as easy as possible. 


cell: 205.999.6266

twitter handle: @COACHMET

Coach Pryor Pic.jpg

Dorman Pryor

Territory Manager for TX & LA

Dorman is currently a Football and Softball Coach at South Grand Prairie High School in TX.  Dorman has been coaching for 36 years: 13 in Oklahoma and 23 in Texas. He has been helping coaches develop the right ideas for their facility branding needs for the last 10 years, as well. He’s been on both sides of the relationship as a rep and a coach, understanding that coaches have plenty to do besides deal with a rep. He’s there when you need him and won’t hound you with unnecessary calls and visits. He’s ready to get started with your project today! 


cell: 214.727.1717

Twitter handle: @coachp58


Regional Director

Ebon Walls

Ebon is currently a coach at Jenks High School. 


cell: 402.707.4149

Twitter handle: @ebonwalls

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